The trailer of much awaited film ‘The Creator – Sarjanhar’ was launched today at PVR Plaza in New Delhi

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New Delhi: The much-awaited movie ‘The Creator – Sarjanhar’ imagines a world without any borders. The trailer of such a unique film was launched today in PVR Plaza at Cannaught Place in New Delhi with much funfare. During the launch of the trailer the whole cast and crew of the film was present.

Notably, ‘The Creator – Sarjanhar’ propagates the unique idea of ‘One world, one religion’. The film furthers the agenda of freeing the world from artificially created borders which is the best way to save humanity and the world itself.

The film has been written and directed by Praveen Hingonia and it has been conceptualised and produced by Rajesh Karate ‘Guruji’. Interestingly, Praveen Hingonia is himself an actor and this is his first film as a director.

The film stars Dayanand Shetty, Shaji Choudhary, Bhuvnesh Mam, Rohit Chaudhari, Jashn Kohli, Raza Murad, Himani Sahani, Eliza Sehgal, Bushra Sheikh, Anant Mahadevan, Ssanjay Swaraj, Pramod Mahoto in pivotal roles.

Shaji Chaudhary will be seen playing the main villain in ‘The Creator – Sarjanhar’. Before this film, Shaji had played important characters in  ‘Jodha Akbar’, popular web series ‘Mirzapur’ and recently he was also seen in Shahrukh Khan’s superhit film ‘Pathan’. He will be seen in a very different kind of character in the soon to be released film.

During the trailer launch in New Delhi, Dayanad Shetty said, “The story of the film is so unique and different that I couldn’t resist myself saying yes to it. Through propagating the idea of an world without borders, the film talks about saving humanity on a global level. I am playing the role of a revolutionary scientist named Dr. Ray who believes in the concept of ‘one world, one religion’ who wants to transform the world with his unique thoughts. I am pretty sure that people will not only like our film but they will also relate to my character in a big way.”

The film has been conceptualised and produced by Rajesh Karate ‘Guruji’ who said that the biggest tragedy of our world is that we have divided it into several countries and created artificial borders which is one of the biggest reasons of  sufferings of human beings on a global level. He said, “That’s the reason I first conceptualised the film and then decided to produce the film myself.”

Writer and director Praveen Hingonia always believed in making films which talks about the contemporary issues in a powerful manner. He said that the subject of the film is very topical which will make the audiences aware about the concept of an world which can be imagined without its borders”.

Writer and Director Praveen Hingonia said, ‘Making of The Creator – Sarjanhar is a very big achievement for us. We make so many films on a regular basis but films propagating the idea of unifying the world are seldomly made. Most of the people have no idea that the possibility of the world without borders can be turned into reality.”

‘The Creator – Sarjanhar’ will be released on 26th May, 2023 in theatres across the country. Don’t miss the experience of watching a very relevant film on the big screens.

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