Leading Indian Maid Agency (IMA) offers unique & trustworthy services for all household needs

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Ensuring special health care measurements amidst Covid-19

Delhi, India : Finding a maid during this Covid-19 period is not so easy. There are a lot of considerations that a person has to go through before finalizing one amidst this pandemic situation. In India, lots of companies are offering staff services for household needs and IMA is one of them.

IndianMaidAgency or IMA presents home staffing services for people’s convenience in India across the Delhi city. With IMA, a person may not necessarily have to go through the pain of quizzing maids every day to find one of the most suitable ones. This is a unique approach to connecting maids to the right household.  

This leading company is emerging as one of the best manpower companies with top-rated home-staffing in Delhi region. Based on the preferences and in the area you are looking for a home staff they assist with the best options available.

Customers can conveniently contact them at any point in time as they offer support 24*7, and assist with their one-stop service solution. So far, they have dozens of customers to whom they are providing their services. They treat their customers as family members and provide them satisfactory services.

“I am extremely happy with the services of IMA. I hired two maids from them and I am excited to share that they have provided me the best men power services,” said a customer.

IndianMaidAgency does not only provide housemaids, but also give staff for every need of household such as customers can hire a Nanny, a Driver, Nurse, a temporary or full-time maids, babysitter, patient care and home-cooking maids. They are always at your service whenever you need them.  

Every home staff that comes to them for a job is not just placed easily away. They do a strict background verification upon placing them to make sure that they provide the right people. Also, offering several customized and personalized staffing due to which their services are top-rated in the pink-collar industry. Because of so many unique staffs like educated or qualified home staff or celebrity personal assistants, people with special requirements prefer to hire them for their staffing needs. 

They are providing assistance from a specialized network of the local maid, agents, NGOs, and suppliers. You cannot easily rely on any maid directly for their services because of the increasing deceit. But with IMA, a person can get at-least the ones who are constantly monitored.

“IMA is my dream project. I chose this business because there is no other brand in India specialized for Pink collar staffing. It is a highly unorganized staffing sector. No trusted and standard company for house staffing services. IMA is the one which is properly organized and ensures the security measurements both in recruitments or staffing services,” said Anish Sinha, the owner of IndianMaidAgency.

The best thing about this leading company is; it is offering advantages of getting replacements or the money back if someone does not get the staff who are suitable for his requirement.  

Since human lives are involved in the procedure of hiring maids, and it is a matter of households, IMA is taking great care in recruiting staff and then referring them to any household, they say. It not only verifies the background of staff but also carries a background check for the families that come to it for staff.

The client’s credentials are also verified, and their identity is cross-checked before staff is deputed at their house. Safety processes are followed and mandated equal for everyone while recruiting or placing the candidates. There are complaint sets of documents for both parties to ensure no discrepancies in the future. 

The company is now planning to expand its operations to other metropolitan cities. Seeing an overwhelming response in the NCR region, it is planning to expand to west and south hi-tech cities.

Additionally, it is offering value added services like House Protection Insurance policy, Criminal Background screening through verification companies, Covid19 Test Assistances to lure more customers. 

One stop-service, it is one of the companies that provides staff for all your household needs. This is a unique approach for many people, and they are pleased to avail of new value-added services.

A manpower business or tech business can partner with IMA to take their core business to high levels and obtain increased benefits. Businesses are not required to market themselves to generate leads. Instead, IMA does it for them, and they remain carefree without spending extra money. Moreover, they provide assured staff replacement services to ensure maximum convenience.  

IMA is not an agency, it is a staffing company, they affirm. As a sourcing agent, companies can also partner with them to make their manpower business more productive. Companies can outbid their competitors easily with their customer base.

“IMA makes the future model of staffing ready. We claim that our up-coming franchise services are entirely money safe, and one doesn’t have to spend his hard-earned money on something that is not worthy. Our main objective is to enhance the current earnings of small businesses in ethical ways,” said Anish Sinha.

Their prices are reasonable and they provide utmost premium staffing services to their customers. One can get easily trustworthy pink-collar staff services with them for all their household needs.

For more information visit their website https://www.indianmaidagency.in/  

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