Ayurveda on the Go: Kapeefit Brings Personalized Wellness to Your Smartphone, Wherever You Are

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UP-based health-tech startup Kapeefit has launched India’s first Digital Ayurveda Healthcare Platform, allowing busy urban professionals to access personalized wellness guidance from top experts at their fingertips. This innovative mobile platform aims to reinvent ancient healing traditions for the 21st century needs.

Bridging The Gap Between Ancient Wisdom and Modern Lifestyles

Despite growing health consciousness, chronic lifestyle disorders continue haunting India’s metropolitan cities, affecting 1 in 4 citizens today due to lack of continuing expert care.

Kapeefit’s founder Nishant Agarwal explains, “Bustling work routines barely leave people time to nurture wellbeing. We put the prowess of time-tested medical systems like Ayurveda into busy pockets via our platform. Our customized therapies target improved sleep, immunity, metabolism, skin health, mental poise – the root issues aggravating epidemics like diabetes or hypertension today.” 

Innovating Ayurveda Delivery Through Smart AI and Personalization

While Ayurveda holds profound sciences on preventive self-care, its generic principles often overwhelm people already stretched for time. Countering this limitation, Kapeefit app uses smart diagnostics and machine learning algorithms to digitally determine one’s Ayurvedic Prakrit or mind-body type, tailoring herb/food prescriptions thereafter.

“We simplify adoption by offering desired results like weight loss or hormonal balance, rather than asking people to understand complex concepts first. The process seamlessly interweaves tech with the human touch of our wellness experts, guiding users continually towards holistic wellbeing,” Agarwal adds.

How Kapeefit Platform Works

An Immersive Journey Targeting Root Causes of Health Issues 

Ayurveda emphasizes on identifying root causes like lifestyle mismatches, emotional patterns or environmental stresses manifesting as inflammation and Vitiation over time before creating imbalance and disorder eventually.

Kapeefit app offers a step-by-step protocol mirroring this structured approach:

  1. Prakruti Assessment

Everything starts with a detailed Psycho-physiological profiling. The app poses an intelligent screening questionnaire assessing disease risk history, genetic tendencies, physical activity levels, nutritional habits, cognitive rhythms, stress resilience and other vital physiological metrics.

The proprietary Kapeefit Health Engine powered by AI cross-references classical Ayurvedic criteria to determine your unique Prakruti revealing the Ratio of Vata, Pitta and Kapha influences in your being. This ratio becomes the basis for protective and curative recommendations later.

  1. Evaluating Current Complaints

Next query focuses on pinpointing ongoing health complaints, their intensity and suspected triggers through 47 targeted parameters – spanning sleep issues, sexual health, skin/hair conditions, chronic gastric trouble, fluctuating immunity etc.

Users select relevant areas for improvement and mention current diagnosis or treatments, if any. All responses get digitally compiled into a Kapeefit Health Report Card for analysis.

  1. Kapeefit Health Report Card

Your anonymized Health data now flows into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) helps users to have their health records at one place. The system applies principles from

For example, Recurrent acidity, especially after rich foods, indicates impaired Agni and excess Pitta Dosha. Skin problems in winter is linked to high Vata while persistent Lower back pain shows excess Kapha. Our specialists explain the health insights further over call if needed.

Treatment Routine Personalization

  1. Holistic Healing Protocols Tailored For You

Combining the tridosha logic from assessment stages alongside modern diagnostics, Kapeefit wellness experts design customized therapies balancing your doshas, enhancing deficient sub doshas while pacifying aggravated ones.

The curated routines aim in restoring wholeness across Lifestyle, Emotional and Physiological dimensions since they intersect closely for sustained wellbeing as per Ayurveda.

For example, Anxiety issues arise commonly from erratic daily and night cycles disturbing Vata hence the corrective regimen mandates establishing grounding rituals. Chronic UTI indicates excess heat or Pitta; so Apart from antibiotics, your regimen would incorporate cooling, alkaline foods with anti-inflammatory spices like fennel or cumin.

You gain access to four therapeutic modules –

I. Diet & Nutrition Chart – Indicating Meal timings, portion sizes plus list of Recommended & Avoidance foods category-wise depending on vitiation.

II. Herb and Supplement Schedule – Ayurvedic single or polyherbal formulas like Chyavanprash in specific Dosage matching Prakruti and Health state. Also antioxidant, prebiotic or electrolyte supplements if deficiency found.

III. Guiding Audio Sessions – Relaxing music or Meditation for Mind-calming, Yoga-Asana or Breathing routines balancing vyana-Samara Vayus to Improve resistance and vitality.

IV. Lifestyle Advisory – Ideal daily cycles for eating, sleeping, exercising according to Biological clock plus smart usage of Upakramas or detox routines like oil pulling, Alepan, Abhyanga or Svedan during Season/disease specific vulnerability.

Transforming Through Holistic, Inside-Out Healing Solutions

Instead of symptomatic relief, Ayurveda believes true prevention requires going to the root cause and handling imbalances even before disease manifests physically. Kapeefit gives people the tools for enabling self-healing gently yet deeply through food, herbs, yoga and inner work from the comfort of their homes.

Ongoing Support For Sustained Results

Users receive Ayurvedic products like detox teas, immunity supplements or massage oils specially chosen for their complaints delivered across India. The easy-to-use app allows prompt consultations via in-app messaging with our Ayurvedic health coaches whenever additional guidance is needed on effective integration amidst busy schedules. Continual assistance is crucial for core healing transformation, claims our CEO Nishant Agarwal.

Getting Started with the Ayurvedic App

Ready to Come Aboard Our Healing Journey?

Kapeefit welcomes people looking to proactively improve resistance against urban health struggles into the folds of Ayurveda’s gentle yet powerful wisdom through modern delivery formats.

One can visit kapeefit .com to embark upon the process after completing a free registration flow described ahead.

It’s Simple Getting Started with Ayurveda on Kapeefit!

I. Visit Kapeefit.com

II. Enter Your Mobile Number to Create account

III. Next Validate Your Number with OTP

IV. Book Your Appointment

V. Congrats – Your Kapeefit Account is Ready!

You can now access the intuitive dashboards, EHR Services and begin your Ayurvedic assessment journey in few clicks

Still Need Help Setting Up?

Don’t worry if you face any technical issues during onboarding, like verification errors or login failures. Our customer support is available through call and chat options to guide you seamlessly onboard the platform! Feel free to reach us.


Empowering Thousands Globally With Authentic Ayurveda

Within a few quarters of launch, over 50,000 Indians have adopted Kapeefit for their preventive health needs with thousands reporting measurable improvements in longstanding complaints like gastric issues, hormonal irregularities, chronic pain or insomnia among others.

CEO Nishant Agarwal concludes, “Online Ayurvedic Consultation is proving game-changing in taking Ayurveda’s life-changing wellness solutions to the global stage. We aim to leverage AI further to eventually uncover subtle correlations between genomics, symptoms and herb-combinations for more advanced customization in future!” 

With innovative delivery but time-tested healing wisdom at its core, Kapeefit could revolutionize how chronic healthcare gets delivered by making Ayurveda’s preventive approach accessible finally to the very people who need its guidance the most!

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