Dr Sunita Dube along with 21 Lakh Doctors Supports Tribunal Health law raised in Parliament by MP

Radiologist, Dr Sunita Dube along with doctors met Bharati Pravin Pawar, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare of India and in pictures Rajnath Singh, Minister of Defence requested for support

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New Delhi [India]: 12th December 2023: Renowned Radiologist Dr Sunita Dube, a revolutionary doctor has taken a ground-breaking initiative to address the critical issue of assaults on medical professionals by proposing Government the Doctor’s Assault Bill 2023 on doctor’s day at Vigyan Bhawan at Delhi. The urgency of this matter was highlighted during the recent Rajya Sabha session in parliament on December 6, 2023 where Dr Ashok Bajpai shed light on the severity of the problem & bill points were discussed.

It’s a historical movement in the Country where from dignified and elite community have come forward for their safety, and it’s a grave concern from Government perspective which needs to be addressed immediately. The Doctor’s Assault Bill 2023 has garnered unprecedented support, with an overwhelming endorsement from more than   21 lakh doctors across various specialties, showcasing unity and solidarity within the medical community. It historic making Professionals from diverse fields such as radiology, cardiology, psychiatry, dentistry, homeopathy, Ayurveda, pathology, ophthalmology, surgery, neurology, nephrology, internal medicine, gynecology, dermatology, orthopedics, paediatrics, oncology, physiotherapy, anaesthesiology, and gastroenterology have joined hands to champion this cause.

Prominent medical associations, including IRIA, AIOS, IMA, IAP, NIMA, AMWI, NIHMPA, AIAC, AMC, FAMC, IAPS, KEDA, and various nationwide medical cells, have pledged support to this crucial cause.

Dr Sunita Dube emphasizes the need for urgent legislative action to protect medical professionals who dedicate their lives to saving others. The Doctor’s Assault Bill 2023 aims to create a safer working environment for doctors, ensuring that they can carry out their duties without fear of violence. This is a healthy democratic bill proposed by MEDSCAPEINDIA to promote sustainability in the growth of healthcare in India.

Dr Sunita Dube has rallied support from every corner of the medical profession, garnering endorsement from dignitaries such as the respected Honourable President of India, former Union Health Minister, various central and state ministers, MPs, and leaders from diverse fields. The organization, globally renowned for its path breaking initiatives, continues to make significant strides in championing causes that positively impact India.

MedscapeIndia, a unit of Aryan Medical & Educational Trust, is a 19-year non-profit organization of biggest number of volunteer doctors in India and like-minded individuals dedicated to healthcare, girl child protection, and women’s empowerment. Their flagship initiatives include the MedscapeIndia National Award dedicated to saving the girl child, promoting HIV awareness, Fit India Movement.

The “Million Smile”, “Doctor Handwriting”, “We Doctors” campaigns for COVID-19 provided support to 17 states. Recent Campaign include “Fit Maharashtra,” a Fit Maharashtra Balloon Festival, and health empowerment initiatives like Fit-Kashmir, counselling for students affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Additionally, Fit India Fest, World’s 1st Doctors Anthem and Girl Child Anthem, contributing significantly to the betterment of society.

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