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Lawyer by education, businesswoman by profession and natural skincare enthusiast by passion. Sanchi Sehgal attended the University of York to study Sociology and Social Psychology; after that, she further pursued her education in Law in the UK. 

After completing her education, this second-generation entrepreneur joined the Ozone Group of Companies in 2019, which started as a pharmaceutical company three decades ago and has since spread its roots to include sectors such as beauty, analytical labs, wellness, and skill development. 

With a young, technology-enabled and user-oriented outlook, she founded Ozone Signature Range – a skincare brand with a research and development, ‘formulation-first’ approach to treat skin and hair concerns, carrying on the companies’ humanitarian attitude and love for India’s rich cultural and scientific legacy.

Let’s dive into Sanchi’s vision

Ozone Signature was founded to preserve the authenticity and purity of formulas dating back over 5000 years. Their efforts assure that their products are made with the purest ingredients and the most advanced research methods. The firm takes great pride in providing people worldwide with these traditional but high-performance skincare products that are founded on tradition and proven by science. Understanding the structure of the skin and its concerns is at the heart of their product creation. The brand grows herbs in their SCS-certified farms to assure maximum potency and authenticity.

With over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, Ozone Group of Companies has built a dependable research and development infrastructure. They’ve also succeeded in making Nomarks Face Cream a household name. With their science-backed skincare products, they now aim to treat the myriad of skin concerns consumers’ face with the Ozone Signature Range.

At Ozone Signature, they work hard to thoroughly explore skin problems, investigate a variety of disciplines in the hunt for viable solutions, and produce superior, well-researched, effective, and safe products to address these problems.

Founded on tradition, validated by science, Ozone Signature aims to rediscover the power of our Ayurvedic herbs stated in our classical Ayurvedic writings to cure our skin and make it more impervious to injury, unlike manufactured treatments that give transient beauty while hurting the skin in the long run. Rather than masking the issues, the transformation begins on the inside and leads to a holistic healing process.

Inspired by the ancient science of Ayurveda, they are smashing prejudices and developing a new culture around beauty. They serve us with timeless beauty using traditional formulae based on our forefathers’ knowledge.

How authentic is their manufacturing process?

Ancient Ayurvedic formulas drawn directly from Vedic healing scriptures and the esteemed and age-old medicinal practises of Ayurveda make up the Ozone Signature line. Their products are made with a concern-based approach in mind, and each one addresses a distinct skin, hair, and body problem. At their own SCS-certified farm, they use organic methods to gather herbs at their optimal potency and prepare them using unaltered formulations, which are then compounded and tested for potency, stability, and effectiveness in their own NABL-accredited laboratory. With in-house farms, manufacturing plants, and testing labs, they have complete control over their product manufacturing. 

Versatile range of products and plethora of benefits

Their face serums are created entirely of plant extracts and are designed to repair and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Ozone Signature wants to treat your skin tenderly and compassionately, the way it deserves to be treated, regardless of its type: oily, dry, pigmented, or wrinkled. Their expertly made hair oils cleanse the scalp and strengthen the hair from the inside out. Their body oils might help you relax. With their certified, cruelty-free, organic products, you can just relax and rejuvenate your body.

Like every other business, Ozone Signature has had its share of ups and downs. They’ve had moments when they thought they were unstoppable because they were different from everyone else, but the Pandemic was a wake-up call for them.  They were also able to slow down and alter their route due to it. The next usual strategy is to accomplish everything in accordance with nature and not at the expense of it. They are constantly attempting to lower their carbon footprint and improve the environmental friendliness of their processes, methods, products, and packaging.

For more details, visit: https://in.ozonesignature.com/

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