Own an EV Without Battery Hassel: Ceyones Baas and Battery Swapping Model Makes it Possible

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Latur (Maharashtra), [India], January 27, 2024: Ceyone Future Tech Pvt Ltd, a pioneering force in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, founded by a leading entrepreneur, Chirag Bhansali, on September 21, 2020, is set to evolve the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry with its innovative customer-centric solutions. Focused on addressing the pressing challenges riders face, Ceyone introduces a future-ready approach to customer problem-solving, distinguishing itself in today’s competitive market.

Ceyone BAAS – Shaping the Future of EV Ownership

Recognising that electric vehicle batteries constitute nearly 40% of the total EV cost, Ceyone launched an innovative business model – Battery as a Service (BAAS). The BAAS model offers end-users the flexibility to choose between purchasing an electric vehicle with or without the battery. Customers opting for the latter can benefit from Ceyone’s battery leasing and charging services through a subscription, alleviating the hassle of battery ownership and charging.

Perks of Ceyone BAAS:

1. Battery Swapping Station: Ceyone introduces a cutting-edge battery swapping station, allowing users to exchange discharged batteries for fully charged ones.

2. Upfront Cost Reduction: BAAS significantly reduces upfront ownership costs by up to 40%, ensuring a more economical EV ownership experience.

3. Addressing User Concerns: BAAS addresses critical concerns such as end-of-life battery replacement costs, warranty issues, and daily charging, providing a comprehensive solution for EV owners.

Chirag Bhansali, Founder and CEO of Ceyone Future Tech Pvt Ltd, briefs, “Our brand is committed to putting EV customers first; though we may be small now, our roadmap is destined to lead us on a significant journey. Our mission is to enhance the ownership experience of EV 2 and 3-wheelers, providing economic solutions while introducing new business models for dealerships and customers.”

Expanding Horizons – Launching in Latur

Ceyone Future Tech is set to launch its Battery Swapping Services and Battery as a Service in Latur, with plans to expand into other geographic areas. The company is also open to franchise dealerships. This move is particularly significant in regions where prominent brands sell EVs 2 and 3-wheelers, requiring daily charging for extended periods. Ceyone’s battery swapping services promise to save up to 50% on vehicle purchase costs, eliminating the need for daily charging and providing a hassle-free solution for EV owners.

“All the worries of EV 2 and 3-wheeler owners related to batteries are taken care of by Ceyone,” assures Bhansali.

Ceyone’s Journey – From Vision to Reality

Established with a vision to resolve customers’ challenges and problems, Ceyone Future Tech Pvt Ltd boasts a team of technocrat entrepreneurs and promoters with a track record of bringing world-class new-age technologies to the Indian market. The idea commenced in 2018 after visits to Japan and Taiwan, followed by extensive research and learning from 2018 to 2020, including visits to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China to understand the technology and its applications.

After hands-on experience and learning in 2021, Ceyone entered the domain by manufacturing electric 2-wheelers in Latur, garnering a positive response. According to JMK Research, India’s Electric 2-wheeler market is poised to grow significantly, projecting an impressive CAGR of about 87%.

About Ceyone Future Tech Pvt Ltd

Ceyone Future Tech Pvt Ltd is a forward-thinking company dedicated to evolving the electric vehicle industry by providing world-class products and technology experiences to channel partners and end customers. With a strong foundation laid by technocrat entrepreneurs and promoters, the company aims to shape the future of EV ownership through cutting-edge solutions.

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