NEXT IAS students shine in UPSC CSE 2022 with more than 600 selections

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With more than 600 selections and still counting in UPSC CSE 2022 results, NEXT IAS has undoubtedly emerged as a leading knowledge partner for aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE. NEXT IAS is making headlines by producing toppers year on year with a remarkable success rate. The 2 girls in the TOP 4, Garima Lohia and Uma Harathi, who have achieved the historical AIR-2 and AIR-3 ranks respectively as well as Dr. Mayur Hazarika who emerged as a topper among boys had one thing in common, which is NEXT IAS. With an astounding 619 out of 933 qualified candidates hailing from Next IAS, including 7 out of the top 10, the institute has solidified its reputation as a premier coaching center for civil services aspirants.

Under the strong leadership of Mr. B. Singh, MADE EASY has always been known for producing toppers as far as engineering competitive exams are concerned and now with NEXT IAS consistently producing top-notch results over the years, the group is likely to become the one stop destination for all aspirants preparing for different competitive exams.

Speaking to the reporters on this exceptional achievement, B.Singh, CMD at Next IAS said, “we believe that every student is unique and possesses the ability to excel. One of the key aspects of Next IAS’ coaching methodology is individual attention and personalized guidance. Our coaching methodology is designed to nurture and harness individual talent, providing them with a comprehensive roadmap to crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Through personalized attention, meticulous study materials, and a supportive learning environment, we empower aspirants to overcome challenges and achieve their goal.”

At the heart of Next IAS’ success lies its unique coaching methodology. The institute has developed an approach that goes beyond mere rote learning and instead focuses on holistic preparation. The coaching methodology at Next IAS encompasses a combination of comprehensive study materials, rigorous mock tests, personalized guidance, and regular mentoring sessions. This well-rounded approach equips students with the necessary knowledge, analytical skills, and confidence to excel in the highly competitive UPSC Civil Services Examination. 

In addition to classroom teaching, NEXT IAS also provides online courses and study materials, which are designed to cater to the needs of students from different backgrounds and locations. The institute’s personalized approach to mentoring has helped many aspirants overcome their weaknesses and excel in the UPSC CSE.

The success of NEXT IAS can be attributed to Mr. B.Singh and his team of experienced teachers are deeply committed to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Through personalized mentoring, they provide tailored support and guidance, ensuring that students receive the necessary resources and strategies to maximize their potential. This personalized approach has been instrumental in nurturing the talents of aspirants and enabling them to achieve exceptional results. 

Behind Next IAS’ success story is the unwavering dedication of Mr. B. Singh himself. His vision to transform the lives of aspiring civil servants and his passion for teaching have been the driving force behind the institute’s phenomenal growth. Mr. Singh, an accomplished educationist and a distinguished alumnus of IIT BHU, brings his own experience as a successful IES officer to inspire and motivate his students. His commitment to their success is evident in the countless hours he spends in the classroom, ensuring that each student receives the best possible guidance. 

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