Mr. Prann Sharma represents the BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2024

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Mr. Prann Sharma, Executive Director-Strategy at the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRICS CCI) and President of BRICS CCI-Healthcare Vertical showcased exemplary leadership and expertise at the prestigious St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2024.

As a distinguished participant, Mr. Sharma played a pivotal role in shaping the dialogue on critical issues affecting the BRICS nations. His contributions were particularly noteworthy during the plenary session on “Drug Security in BRICS Countries”, held at the ‘Ensuring Drug Security’ Russian Pharmaceutical Forum on June 5, 2024. Drawing from his extensive experience in healthcare and strategic planning, Mr. Sharma provided valuable insights into strategies aimed at ensuring access to essential medicines and vaccines within the BRICS community.

During his speech, Mr. Sharma eloquently addressed the distinguished forum on the healthcare landscape of the BRICS countries. He emphasized the vast potential of traditional medicines in BRICS countries given diverse ecosystems, deep cultural roots, and firm pillars of medical research and technological advancement. Speaking about India’s involvement, he said it will integrate ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern pharmaceutical research, as backed by the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy). Mr. Sharma highlighted the efforts of AYUSH in mainstreaming traditional medicine within the national healthcare system in India through international agreements and partnerships aimed at strengthening national healthcare strategies.

Moreover, Mr. Sharma actively engaged in a thought-provoking Round Table Discussion titled: “The Beginning of the Future: How Foundations Can Work Together to Make BRICS Stronger,” held on June 7, 2024. During this session, he facilitated dialogue among key stakeholders on collaborative initiatives to strengthen the BRICS framework. Of particular significance during the Round Table Discussion was the exchange of a cooperation agreement within the BRICS+ League of Foundations. Mr. Sharma, representing BRICS CCI, formalized this agreement, which aims to promote the development of scientific and educational activities and to jointly identify and address the challenges of the future through the exchange of knowledge and resources.

Mr. Prann Sharma’s participation at SPIEF 2024 exemplifies BRICS CCI’s dedication to driving impactful discussions and fostering collaboration across diverse sectors. His contributions not only underscore the Chamber’s commitment to advancing key priorities such as healthcare and economic cooperation but also highlight its role as a catalyst for positive change within the BRICS ecosystem.

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