Malhar Thakar believes Health is His Top Priority During Monsoons

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Popular Gujarati celebrity Malhar Thakar shares how he practices steam inhalation regularly with Vicks Vaporub to help manage and improve his respiratory health this cold and flu season.

Surat, Gujarat: Malhar Thakar, whose latest release Golkeri won hearts of his fans, has never failed to entertain. He is also someone who is making the most of this lockdown by honing his singing skills. While Malhar juggles many hats of actor, poet, philanthropist, he understands the importance of taking care of his health and wellness especially since seasonal flu is on the rise. 

With the monsoon season causing symptoms like breathing difficulty, body ache, cough, blocked nose, headache, and muscular stiffness, looks like the Dhollywood Superstar has been taking the traditional route as well, to manage his respiratory health and even took to social media to share a few tips with his fans. In his video, he talks about how he tends to fall sick very easily if he is not careful. So, to get back to health when having cold and flu symptoms, he follows a few simple doctor-approved practices like drinking lukewarm water, doing regular steam inhalation, exercising daily and of course eating a nutritious diet. 


Speaking about the same Malhar Thakar shares, “I believe health is everything and without it, one cannot do justice to everyday life be it work, play or time with loved ones. A few things I am practicing during this time are taking steam inhalation, drinking Haldi milk, working out every day and of course eating a well-balanced diet. Steam Inhalation is so soothing and I recently read that, Ministry of AYUSH also recommended practicing it with ingredients like Pudina and Ajwain to help soothe a dry cough and sore throat. In fact, a more convenient solution that I’ve been using for years is using Vicks Vaporub. It has ingredients like Niligiri, pudina, Kapoor, and ajwain, and gives fast relief from blocked nose and cough. This is safe to use for adults and kids aged six years and above. But, do consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Stay healthy and safe and don’t forget to stay happy as well”.

On his Instagram post, he goes on to demonstrate how he likes to just add 1-2 teaspoons of Vicks Vaporub into a bowl of hot water, not boiling, cover his head with a towel and inhale the aromatic steam. He does this for about 2-5 minutes daily,followed by a few minutes of rest.

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