Inspiration Beyond the Page: The Worldview of Author JayKay Heart

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From his debut book “The Butterfly Riddle” to his recent success with “The Girl in the Tinder App” we have with us Author JayKay Heart. Having the opportunity to discuss his inspirations, writing style, and how his experiences influence his work, here’s what he shares with his readers!

1. After the success of The Butterfly riddle, how do you look forward to the growth of your recent book?

I hope that the success of the previous book will generate increased visibility and interest in my recent work. I’m expecting a larger readership and more opportunities from exposure.

2. How important do you think it is for the author to market their book and why?

With the age of Instagram everything and a shift from what used to be a traditional and only way of reading books, I think it has become equally important to promote and market, as the book itself on various platforms known to mankind these days. The readers these days have diversified not only in their preferences of reading but how they can find something new.

3. What message or takeaway do you hope or wish readers take back after reading the book?

The book may highlight the complexity of human relationships, both online and offline. It could emphasise that genuine connections require effort, understanding, and open communication, regardless of the medium through which they are formed. In a world where everything is engulfed with technicalities, I hope readers take away the bliss of human-ness and the essence of relationships.

4. What changes do you see in the book/publishing industry over the past few years? How do you like the changing dynamics?

So as mentioned in my previous answer, the literary world has drastically changed with the age of technology. Be it the book or publishing industry, everyone is pushing boundaries to keep up with the digitised world. The industry definitely witnesses readers who now want not only convenience but also want to explore beyond the usual.

5. Is there anything new that you are working on? A new book or any literary project? How excited are you for that?

Yes, I’m currently working on multiple projects. One is an anthology program inviting prominent writers on a specific theme. I’m in the last phase of fiction falling in the survival thriller genre. I’m also working on developing a non-fiction on mysticism, from a scientific, cultural and spiritual angle. More details will follow down the course.

6. Share with us what do you love doing generally in your free time ?

Apart from writing, I love exploring mundane aspects of life through travelling, food, trying new things and pacing down once in a while. Sitting and observing life from a distance is what keeps me going!

7. Do you believe it is important to be a reader before being an author? What’s your lookout on this debate? Who is your favourite author or whom do you look up to?

You can’t be an author without being a reader. You can’t just write what you have to and not read it knowing how it portrays your thoughts. Writings of R.K. Narayan has been inspirational to me throughout. If you never read, how will you understand the essence of writing and the power of words? I firmly believe that good writing cannot happen without reading.

We wish him the best for his future endeavours! Grab your copy of “The girl in the Tinder App” and give yourself a treat blended with mystery, thriller and emotions!

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