India is a new market and developing from labor-intensive toward automation industries

India is a new market and developing from labor-intensive toward automation industries
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COMEUP is the leading winch and hoist manufacturer in Taiwan. Our winches are widely used by construction industry, off-Road trucks, Tow trucks, work trucks, firefighting trucks, military vehicles, other special vehicles around the world. Our customers include TKK, Furukawa, Japan; Miller Industry, USA; Yamaha, Sweden; Otokar, Turky; Mahindra, India, etc.We have good R&D team that could modify our standard products to meet your needs.

Here is an interview with Mr Ryan Kao, Account Manager sharing the strategic plan ahead 

  • What specialized products does Comeup Industries offer?
  1. DC Winches
  2. AC hoist
  3. Hydraulic winches
  4. ATV winches
  • Share a broad overview on how big is your sector in Taiwan and your operations there?

COMEUP is the leading professional winch and hoist factory in Taiwan since 1975. Our winches have been exporting to around 60 countries in the world. Our winch annual production capacity was over 60,000 sets.

  • What are the innovations or new product development underway at Comeup Industries?

Blazer, our triple motors competition winch

  • Triple 8.0 hp 12V series wound motors for the ultimate in power and high speed line pull.
  • Three submersible sealed contactors w/silver-alloy contact pads for proven reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Rugged 3 stage spur gear train for maximum durability in competition use.
  • Dual braking system includes ratchet brake inside the gear box cover and air actuated brakes at each motor.
  • Air actuated clutch for driver controlled free spool allowing rapid rope pay-out.
  • Can be converted to the 2 motor M2 for various competition conditions.
  • Long drum version available to hold up to 60m (197ft) of rope.
  • Retrieval speed of up to 73 mpm (239.5 fpm).
  • Standard 33.6:1 gear ratio with optional 28:1 and 41.5:1 gear sets available
  • Please briefly explain about your patented Cone Brake Structure?

Not like normal brake structure inside winch drum will generate heat and damage synthetic rope, Cone Brake structure is the brake system outside the winch drum, and keep the friction heat outside of winch.The greater load on rope, the greater braking force generated by CBS mechanism.

  • What are the three big trends you foresee in your sector?
  1. More speed
  2. Durability
  3. More capacity
  • Why is India preferred market for Comeup Industries?

India is a new market and developing from labor-intensive toward automation industries.

  • Which are the sectors in India that you see potential demand for your offering?
  1. Commercial vehicles
  2. Recovery trucks
  3. Fire fighting trucks
  4. Military vehicles
  • What is the potential business you expect to garner in India?

OEM cases from vehicle manufacturers, such as Mahindra and Ashok Leyland.

  • How does Comeup Industries Inc. stand out against similar domestic manufacturers in India?

All of our winches have high quality, reliable with reasonable prices. It is our best advantage and solution for vehicle recovery.

  • How many countries outside Taiwan have you created your presence?

Our winches have been exporting to around 60 countries in the world. 

  • What was the strategic focus to partner with TPC?

In the severe COVID-19 situation in India, TPC plays an important role and creating a portal to develop more potential cases and customers for our product.

  • Do you have any presence in India? What are the business plans in India for the next 5 years?

Yes, we are working on some OEM cases with Indian vehicle manufacturers. We are hoping if we could through these companies, and then we can make COMEUP brand image to spread to the whole country.

  • How do you plan to expand your business in India?

Our competition winch Blazerseries is currently famous in off-road events in India. We could base on vehicle owners’ club, social media or through their internal discussion, the more they mentioned about COMEUP winch, the more we have chances to work with other vehicle manufacturers or any related industries.

  • What are the key challenges you face in the Indian market?

Winch market is a niche market, and it is not a popular vehicle accessory for Indian market.In addition, there are many China made cheap winches in India market, which is not reliable and durable one.

  • Post Covid, what are your key strategic plans?

After Covid, we are going to focusing on OEM cases, such as working with India vehicle manufacturers Second of all, we might have a chance to work with off road events.

  • Give us a sense of the growth numbers in the last fiscal and the expected growth this fiscal?

It is about 60%growth India, 2021.

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