Groundbreaking book on Modi Sarkar’s Achievements unveiled in the House of Lords

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London (UK): A ground-breaking publication titled “8 years of Modi Sarkar: A Compilation of Achievements” has taken the Indian diaspora by storm as it was unveiled by Lord Rami Ranger in the prestigious House of Lords at the British Parliament in London. Authored by Sandeep Marwah, President of the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), this monumental work sheds light on the remarkable accomplishments of the Indian government over the past eight years.

The release of this book marks a significant milestone as it represents the first-ever book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be presented within the esteemed halls of the House of Lords. The credit for this commendable feat goes to Sandeep Marwah, whose unwavering dedication and painstaking efforts have encapsulated the comprehensive range of India’s achievements between two hard covers.

Addressing the distinguished guests comprising London’s elite, Lord Rami Ranger expressed his astonishment at the depth and breadth of the accomplishments chronicled within the book. He acknowledged that prior to its publication, the true extent of India’s progress remained largely unknown, making this book an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to familiarize themselves with the government’s multifaceted endeavours.

Sandeep Marwah, speaking at the momentous occasion, emphasized the meticulousness employed in compiling the book’s contents. It features a lucid and concise writing style, presented in a point-wise, department-wise format to ensure accessibility and understanding for a diverse readership. Marwah further emphasized his desire for an international release, aiming to rectify the misinformation that has often permeated global perceptions of India’s accomplishments.

The first copy of the book was presented to the esteemed former President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, before being officially launched in London. The release of this seminal work is poised to illuminate the immense progress and development witnessed in India over the past eight years, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a deeper appreciation for the nation’s remarkable achievements.

“8 years of Modi Sarkar: A Compilation of Achievements” is set to serve as an authoritative reference for individuals, scholars, and policymakers, providing a comprehensive understanding of India’s transformative journey under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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