“Dr. Anjum Shaikh’s Empowering Debut: Groundbreaking Book ‘EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene, and YOU’ Sets a New Standard for Women’s Health Advocacy

Dr. Anjum Shaikh

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Dr. Anjum Shaikh, a distinguished figure in the fields of health-tech and public health, is thrilled to introduce her latest book, ‘EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene, and YOU,’ a transformative guide to women’s health and empowerment. Published by Zorba Books Pvt Ltd, the eagerly anticipated book was launched on September 1 and is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Zorba Books.

In this compelling literary journey, Dr. Anjum delves into the realm of female wellness and hygiene, challenging societal taboos, and championing body positivity. ‘EmpowHER’ is a comprehensive guide featuring ten chapters that navigate crucial aspects of women’s health, covering topics such as female anatomy, menstrual health and hygiene, feminine hygiene products, menopause, pregnancy, and much more.

Dr. Anjum emphasizes the importance of open communication and candid discussions, fostering a supportive community that builds trust with partners and healthcare providers. As Dr. Anjum eloquently expresses, ‘Unveiling the magic of mindfulness and self-care, we learn that loving ourselves is the ultimate act of empowerment.’

Beyond her role as an author and mother, Dr. Anjum Shaikh is also an entrepreneur and the visionary founder of EveCare. With a mission to revolutionize women’s healthcare, EveCare offers innovative, knowledge-driven tech solutions empowering women at every stage of life to prioritize their health and well-being.

‘EmpowHER’ provides a comprehensive exploration of topics ranging from selecting menstrual and personal hygiene products to establishing effective personal care routines. The book covers maintaining cleanliness and hygiene during pregnancy, promoting sexual well-being, addressing emotional health, and managing hygiene. It also underscores the significance of seeking professional assistance for gynecology-related concerns and gracefully navigating menopause.

Dr. Anjum Shaikh’s commitment to championing women’s health is eloquently expressed in her words: ‘Embracing sustainable choices and eco-friendly products, we shine like stars in our personalized hygiene routines, reflecting our unique brilliance. With resilience and grace, we embrace every life phase, radiating confidence and joy.’

The launch of ‘EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene, and YOU’ marks a significant milestone in the journey of women’s health advocacy. Dr. Anjum’s empowering narrative encourages readers to embark on their health odyssey, fueled by self-love, acceptance, and unwavering belief in themselves.

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