A home is something that’s probably gonna leave mesmerising imprints for life: Kirti Gangani

A home is something that’s probably gonna leave mesmerising imprints for life: Kirti Gangani

Kirti Gangani

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Sometimes, even one unusual and captivating piece of furniture or wall hanging can create a maximum impact. And if you’re wondering how to achieve this style, follow the works of Kirti Gangani.

Her age envies in front of the mastery she possesses over her craft. Meet Kirti Gangani, a twenty-four-year-old, hailing from a business family. Well, designing homes just happen to be her favoured mode of relaxation. Her day job is being a stellar interior designer who forces her client’s house the moment she steps on site. Her staunch dedication, profound vision and perception are what transforms a clients house into a home.

Hailing from Pune, Kirti completed her graduation from the Cummins BNCA College Pune that pepped her to use her creativity as a tool to etch a place in society. A daughter of a real estate tycoon Kanti Gangani was always given the liberty to pursue her dreams.

On her insistence, her father was happy to get her a space for the studio.

From luxurious bathrooms to classy walk-in wardrobes, extravagant terraces and colourful walls bringing an uplifting spirit to bedrooms, award-winning interior designer Kirti Ganganis aesthetic always leaves a mark. A name synonymous with architecture, interiors and bespoke furniture, Kirti’s studio Matter of Space pride itself in juxtaposing modern design practices with traditional craft techniques. If you lean more towards modern minimalism and revamping classics, MOS would certainly inspire you.

She makes each role a priority and shoulders a responsibility with utmost sincerity and integrity. Every living cell inside her is restless to create, to make things beautiful, to perfect and to organise. Her pursuit of creativity and perfection has helped her create a niche for herself. Kirti is one such person, having first found a calling that would allow her to channel her passion into a career, she then founded a company in mid-2019, which would allow her to chart her own unconventional path. This dame of interiors has always held clearly defined principles, from which she has not deviated since launching her business and her success has proved her right.

“Matter of Space is not only about our fantastic designs and elegant homes, it’s also about the talented people who are a part of the Team. Our team of the best interior designers in Pune work round the clock conceptualising each project, working closely with clients, and being a part of their journey till the home is handed over. From architects to qualified interior designers our energetic team fills our office with energy and dynamism. We believe that each house that we craft should have a feeling of contentment within” says Kirti. She further adds “When you design something like a home, you are part of something special that’s probably gonna leave mesmerising imprints for life, these are exciting times, serving millennials today who want personalisation and customisation in everything, including their homes” as she has an array of concepts, designs, colours and patterns to a plethora of her clientele that comes for both residential and commercial requirements from all the walks of life.

The story behind her success is the result of her goal of creating numerous “moments of excitement” in each room. Her penchant for a clean, minimal space, allowing her clients with designs that have few parallels makes her stand out amidst other contemporaries. Well lately her work’s been an inspiration featuring dailies and glossy magazines.

Peacefully perched on her chair, sipping her favourite cold coffee, she mesmerises tales that turned to success stories.

She always thanks her father Kanti, mother Neeta and brother Parth for vesting their unflinching faith in her that shaped her into becoming the person she is today. With each passing day, she walks confidently with a beaming smile and a halo around her that radiates nothing but positive vibes.

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