“A Beautiful Life” – Life needs to be lived, not just to be passed by Sachin Gupta

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Author Sachin Gupta is an administrative officer and life management guru. In the book, ‘A Beautiful Life’ the incidents occurring in the life of most people have been mentioned. The book has the solution to the complications as well as the problems that are common in life. This book will stand by you wherever circumstances will be adverse. This will play a role as a reliable friend of yours in hours of crisis. After reading the book, you can make your life beautiful, simple, interesting, thrilling, and blissful. The author has a dream that the book should find access to each and every home and each and every person all over the world so that everyone can make their life beautiful.

The book, A Beautiful Life, is meant for people of all ages and across all stages or roles of one’s life, whether one is a man or woman, son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, grandfather or grandmother, maternal grandfather or grandmother, among others. As its name suggests, this book teaches the art of living. True to its title, this book will inspire people to live life to the fullest. This book is important for all people, be it a child learning the nuances of life and living or a person entering their twilight years.

The below interview of our Editor with the Author describes the psyche and mindset the author wishes to share with the readers.

1. Can you tell us a little about your book?
A beautiful life book, includes challenges and issues faced by everyone in their lives, at the same time it provides solutions to them. When situation and challenges becomes your enemy, this book becomes your friend. After completing this book you would be able to make your life simpler, happier and peaceful than before. Writer aims to raise consciousness and happiness in the world.

2. Is there a specific event that inspired this story or was this an out of the blue idea?
I used to write on minor topics, but when I got suspended from my job, I compiled all of them into a “handbook for life”.

Due to a hectic job profile, I didn’t have time to write but this opportunity gave me the same. Also, I wanted to convey people how they can change bad time to good time

3. What got you writing in the first place?
I wanted to make life lessons simple, realistic and easy to understand so that everyone can use them.

4. What was your impression of your first draft when you read it?
I realised that even if the book impacts 1-2 persons’ lives in a positive way. It will serve my life purpose.

5. Which part of your story connects the most with you? Why?
– Realistic and applicable in day-to-day

Everyone is going through their ups- and – downs, through my book. I am able to connect with everyone’s life. 

6. What makes your book the one to read?
– It enriches everyone’s life and empowers them to make their own life beautiful. Everyone knows basic life principle but you need someone to stimulate the same in inner mind, the book simply attempts the same and urge reader to look within themselves and stimulate their thinking to make life beautiful within themselves

7. What was the best advice you got while writing?
It’s easy to get ideas, but to make them easy and useful to everyone is a difficult task, as every aspect of that idea has to be analysed.

8. Who’s your all-time favourite author? Which book of his/hers made you fall in love with them?
– No one in particular, since all the books have been useful to me.
But since childhood, I’ve watched “Ramayana, Mahabharata and Lord Krishna and Lord Ram, they are my real inspiration.

9. What is your evergreen tip to the writers out there?
There is a very small percentage of people who understand and live “Real Life”. I believe, writers need to be realistic, pragmatic and they should write about things which are useful in everyday life.

10. What was your hardest scene to write?

There are 2 most important pillars of life, if the foundation of the pillar is wrong it may fall on you and cripple you for the lifetime. The below mentioned plot were a bit difficult to write as lot of things has to be thoroughly contemplated and pen down diligently.

Teacher:- Whom to choose and make a life idol?
Marriage:- Who should we choose to marry and why?.

11. Do you have another plot brewing?
Yes, “A Beautiful Life” Part 2 shall be available in the market very soon, covering the entire journey of human life. It is going to be as exciting as part 1.

Grab your copies now: https://www.amazon.in/dp/935776285X?ref=myi_title_dp

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